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odoo Enhanced Community Ed.

on 7/8/18, 6:20 AM 4,150 views

I find the idea of the Enhanced Community Edition super appealing.

Is there a repo where the code is organised?

I have a couple of modules that we could contribute on behalf of our team. How to?

Thanks for your inputs.


On 7/29/18, 7:30 AM

Dear Jörg & odoo partners,

IMHO, all partners interested in offering solutions based on Enhanced Community (EC) should organise themselves in such a way that:

  • technical contributions are maintained according to guidelines, standard-practices and organisation-structure of OCA, under odoo-community.org. This will ensure maximum neutrality and hence credibility for the EC derivative. This will also guarantee optimal resource-utilisation of developers/partners committing code.

  • odoo-partner.org would be responsible for maintaining a baseline of business practices that drive the commercials behind EC. For ex.

    • Maintenance and prioritisation of Product Roadmap

    • Marketing

    • License-Politik (although this will 100% align with OCA)

    • Conflict-Management between partners

    • ...

If partners contribute to such an initiative, we should better have a 5y vision to sustain it and think a little about succession and sustainability thereafter. I don't see any risks in this initiative, except conflicts of interests among partners and lack of management-commitment from CEOs of the 35 current German partners.

Question: We don't yet have firsthand experience with committing to OCA. What has other partners' experience been? I hear it's super-slow (but with rigorous QA). Is that true?

Ashant Chalasani


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On 7/29/18, 12:56 PM

I fear starting a new repo for EC might lead to reinventing the wheel.

What is the guarantee to the partner-network that the repo will be maintained in a reliable fashion, and not become just another dead opensource project (#jadop, I just coined this, haha)?

What are the guidelines for code-commits?

What are the rules for committers?

OCA guys already worked through these problems. Establishing a parallel structure isn't making any sense to my mind at the moment.

Can we help OCA Speed Up?

Can the partner companies here help OCA in any way to speed up code-reviews? All of our teams have senior developers. Could we contribute "little" bit of their time? Maybe even review the EC contributions on a priority basis.

A side note, in my company we plan only 6 hours of a developer's day into commercial projects. The rest of the time is left open as "investment" into internal projects, future projects etc. Hence I can imagine 1 or 2 of my guys contributing this office-time to OCA code-reviews. A couple of hours a week like this may go some way.

On that note, how can one apply to join the OCA code-review team?

For example one Project Steering Committee (PSC) comprised of partners here can home the EC initiative?


And guidelines to contribute code:


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On 7/29/18, 9:27 AM

Hi Ashant:

For our experience, we are having not doubts, that the OCA seems to be the right place to drive the technical matters, exactly as you describe. We understand that the review process takes time since the people there are not mainly occupied with looking after contributions, but do need/want to make a living, too. Also if appears that QA at OCA is rigid, which we would perceive as "very good".  Let s work on the odoo comunity enhanced version :-)

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On 7/27/18, 3:12 PM

Dear Ashant

Thanks for pointing this out. We wanted to make it public on OCA, but it takes a little longer than expected, frankly speaking.

Any suggestions for a place to get it? Like a joint GitHub page?

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