IT IS Support Extend

IT IS Support Extend

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Odoo Version: Odoo 12 Enhanced Community

IT IS Support Extended

IT IS Odoo Support Extended - the module for an effective handling of your Support Requests and tickets. 

IT IS Support Extended

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The full support solution for more effectiveness with Odoo!


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  • Creation of support tickets on the website, by email or from the backend.

  • Assign a support-contract to your ticket. Based on the OCA module Contracts. There you can add time to react, hourly rates for your tickets. 

  • Invoice based on ticket! Employees can log their times to the ticket they worked on. These times can be invoiced from the ticket.



  • The ticket number guarantees a unique identifier. On the chatter of the ticket you can see exactly the performed actions, related to the support case. This is visible for the support team as well as the customer. 

  • The current status is visible for the customer at every time. At the website the customer can see his tickets and the detailed information.

  • Are there required actions which are more than a support ticket can cover, you can create a quotation to the customer from the ticket.


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Ticket details and workflow:

With a user account, it is possibile to crate tickets manually, by email or in the website. While creating a ticket, you can add screenshots, descriptions or documents to explain the problem.


If required a ticket can be escaleted to the next level (1st or 2nd Level Support). For this there is a option in the ticket "escalate team" 


Progress of ticket


The status of a ticket is a good hint for the progress. The progress bar can be configured according your needs.