Bi-Directional WooCommerce Connector for odoo – Simplify-ERP®

Bi-Directional WooCommerce Connector for odoo – Simplify-ERP®

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Bi-Directional WooCommerce Connector

The WooCommerce interface for odoo is part of the Simplify-ERP®  multichannel e-commerce solution for online shop operators.

For online retailers, it is extremely important today to be present in as many sales channels as possible with your products.

This requires efficient tools that reduce manual processing for you and your employees as much as possible.

We provide a bidirectional interface for WooCommerce shop operators to transfer product, customer and order data.

Functionality overview

The odoo-WooCommerce interface centrally manages product and category data, customer master data and orders from your WooCommerce webshop,

in addition to your other shop systems and marketplaces.

    • Reconciliation of tax rates for domestic, EU and third country sales

    • Inventory maintenance in odoo, with regular updates in the shop

    • A variety of customization options

    • Item maintenance in odoo and updating in WooCommerce database

    • Article import from WooCommerce into the odoo

    • Categorization of products in odoo

WooCommerce product and category management in odoo

Products and category management is done centrally in odoo. Thus, you have a point of contact for the entire shop management, including orders and customer data.

The interface provides extensive product management functionalities:

    • Stocks are updated bidirectionally

    • Updating and customizing prices for specific products

    • Product search according to various criteria

    • Export of  products in WooCommerce

    • Management of product media data

Management of WooCommerce customers in odoo

The Simplify-ERP ®  odoo-WooCommerce interface enables the central administration of your multichannel customer data.

Delivery processes, customer support, new sales processes and master data maintenance then take place centrally in the odoo.

    • Customer data is downloaded regularly from WooCommerce to the odoo

    • Manage customer master data centrally in odoo

    • Search and find customers quickly

    • Customer segmentation by country, sales channels, B2B / B2C categories, tags and more

    • Uniform customer records across all sales channels

    • Overview of all customer activities

Order processing in WooCommerce

As an active online retailer, you want to build the highest level of efficiency into your processing processes.

The Simplify-ERP® odoo-WooCommerce interface allows central processing of all your Woo-Shop orders in odoo.

You can spend more time marketing and selling your product and save time when processing your order.

    • Central processing of WooCommerce orders in odoo

    • Tracking number to customers via email

    • Invoices at the touch of a button

    • Invoices to customers via email

    • Orders search and find filters and group orders by various criteria

    • Grouping orders by customers