Bi-Directional eBay Connector for odoo – Simplify-ERP®

Bi-Directional eBay Connector for odoo – Simplify-ERP®

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Bi-Directional eBay Connector

The odoo eBay Connector from Simplify-ERP® enables a connection between odoo ERP and the eBay Shop system.

Automating your vital business processes & eliminating the need for manual data entry at odoo by bi-directional data exchange and integration

between eBay and odoo.

Functionality at a glance

    • Communication via the official eBay SOAP API

    • Assortment management via odoo Catalog Manager

    • Item master data reconciliation from odoo → eBay

    • automated stock reconciliation between odoo → eBay

    • automated comparison of orders from eBay → odoo

    • automated comparison of customer data from eBay → odoo


We could say that it is essential to integrate your eBay seller account with odoo, especially if you are a seller on the eBay Marketplace

and you are using odoo as a primer system for all of the other business operations. 

Whether you are processing thousands of transactions per day, or just a few, this connector is built from the ground up to provide

smooth and seamless integration for eBay and offers a very robust and battle-tested integration with odoo. Moreover, this connector automates

your vital business processes and eliminates the need for manual data entry in odoo by enabling bi-directional data exchange between

eBay Marketplace and odoo. 

Also, this module saves your time by instantly entering items and inventory data from your odoo instance into eBay and automatically importing

eBay orders and customer data into odoo. After the installation on the module, there is no need to log in at your eBay account to make

updates to your data.

Connector features

Product ManagmentOrder Managment

  • Import Products from eBay to odoo

  • Import Product Variants from eBay to odoo

  • Import Product Categories eBay to odoo

  • Import Product Images from eBay to odoo

  • Import Listings with status, variants, images and Listing Templates

  • Import Product Attributes and Product Attributes Values from eBay to odoo

  • Import Product Attributes and Product Attributes Values from eBay to odoo

  • Bidirectional sync for products (Stock, Price, Description)

  • Export New Listing from odoo to eBay

  • Update Existing Listing from odoo to eBay

  • Central processing of eBay orders in odoo

  • Automatic generation of the invoice

  • Invoices by email with a PDF attachment

  • Full product attribute is created, when importing new product

  • Import order with auto shipping, invoice and delivery

  • Import Orders from eBay to odoo

  • Import Orders with Product Attribute as well with products from eBay to odoo

  • Import Order's Shipping Info from eBay to odoo

  • Import Order's Payment Info from eBay to odoo

  • Update Order Status from odoo to eBay

eBay product and category management with odoo

The odoo eBay-Connector works as part of a multichannel e-commerce framework, with which several eBay distribution channels can be connected to odoo centrally.

    • Prices, article descriptions and stocks are bi-directionally downloadable from eBay to the odoo and vice versa.

    • Prices and inventory data from odoo to eBay are sync synchronized in real time.

    • Prices are manageable in odoo

    • Article manufacturers are shown in odoo, thus manufacturer data are manageable in odoo

    • Search of the article data according to various criteria.  

eBay customer data management in odoo

Customers of eBay webshops can be centrally managed in odoo. The master data then forms a holistic CRM file of that customer. Employees can do all customer management tasks in the odoo.

    • Management of customer master data in the eBay eShop

    • Segmentation of customers by sales channel

    • Quick and easy customer search for various data sets, eg. name, customer number, tags and contact persons

    • Overview of the order and total sales of individual customers

    • Opportunity management via a "sales pipeline" for B2B customers

Order processing in odoo

The orders generated in eBay can be processed centrally via odoo. The eBay interface for odoo ensures the regular downloading of orders (sales orders) from eBay in odoo including VAT amounts, discounts on shipping costs and order items.

    • Centralized processing of eBay orders in odoo

    • Automated preparation of the invoice of individual orders

    • Invoices by e-mail with a PDF attachment

    • Quick and easy search for orders according to various search parameters, eg. eg order number, customer

    • Group orders by delivery date, delivery status, sales channel, etc